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A year of solidarity for a green world

Evisitcard is a citizen's contribution to the declaration of 2024 as the 'Year of Solidarity for a Green World' in the Republic of Azerbaijan by our President's decree. Say 'no' to paper usage with the electronic business card, and share the information of your office, business, institution, or workplace with just one touch, without needing any other application. Save it to your phone's memory, send messages, check your social accounts, send emails, direct to your website, plan your meetings, and take advantage of many more features.

Smart QR code

With EVİSITCARD, place your desktop QR code at the point where the customer approaches in service areas where there are many daily customer visits (banks, hotels, medical institutions, restaurants and catering facilities), and the visitor will be informed about your service instantly by reading the QR code, and save your contact information on the spot in the phone's memory.

EVISITCARD difference

Time saving, the ability to change your information instantly, NO to the word I forgot or ran out. There is no need to carry a paper business card if you have your phone with you. A one-time END to business card printing costs. Spend once for evisitcard, keep it with you for life.

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We stand together for a green world

Both Green environment and Technology

Every paper is a green plant,

Revive the green while protecting your budget

According to

About 10,000 trees live in 1 hectare of land. And 10,000 trees process the oxygen gas needed for about
30,000 people.

200kq = 220,000 visitcard

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